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    Stefon Returned To "SNL" And It Was Glorious

    Good news for dumb folks who are looking to just get murdered!

    Longtime SNL cast member Bill Hader returned to host the show last night after a year away.


    It was pretty much inevitable that Hader would bring back Stefon, his most famous and beloved character.


    Not an inevitable as in "yeah, we all have to pay taxes" so much as "if Hader doesn't do Stefon when he comes back to SNL, people will throw rocks at him on the street."

    Stefon co-creator John Mulaney put people at ease a day before the show by strongly hinting that he and Hader were writing a new Stefon bit over Skype.

    Brainstorming some nightmares over Skype

    After about 10 minutes of Weekend Update, our wonderful friend Stefon arrived to tell us all about New York's hottest new clubs.

    View this video on YouTube

    And if nothing at all, we learned that former MTV Sports host Dan Cortese is very, very, very busy these days.


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