How Much Of An Elitist Are You?

Admit it…it can feel good to know you’re better than other people.

    1. 1 Refused to eat at a chain restaurant.
    2. 2 Insisted on only eating ethnic cuisine when it’s “authentic.”
    3. 3 Judged someone by what’s on their bookshelves.
    4. 4 Judged someone for not having bookshelves.
    5. 5 Looked down on someone for liking music that wasn’t cool or too popular.
    6. 6 Rolled your eyes at people for being into action, sci-fi, horror, or superhero movies.
    7. 7 Complained about Hollywood making too many sequels.
    8. 8 Claimed you were suffering from “blockbuster fatigue.”
    9. 9 Bragged about not having a television.
    10. 10 Made a point of letting people know you’re not on Facebook.
    11. 11 Refused to get a Twitter account.
    12. 12 Refused to get an Instagram account.
    13. 13 Refused to get a Vine account.
    14. 14 Felt like you were too good to use an online dating service.
    15. 15 Actively thought that other people weren’t in your “league” and not attractive enough for you.
    16. 16 Made fun of someone for reading a celebrity weekly.
    17. 17 Refused to shop at a big box store like Walmart or Target.
    18. 18 Felt compelled to correct people on the tiniest spelling and grammatical errors.
    19. 19 Pitied someone because they’re only fluent in one language.
    20. 20 Felt superior to someone because you work out more often.
    21. 21 Felt superior to someone because you have a healthier diet.
    22. 22 Thought less of someone for not being an adventurous eater.
    23. 23 Thought less of someone for not being a vegetarian or vegan.
    24. 24 Looked down on people for enjoying reality tv.
    25. 25 Looked down on people for enjoying sitcoms.
    26. 26 Looked down on people for enjoying procedurals.
    27. 27 Insisted that music sounds better on vinyl than CDs or digital.
    28. 28 Judged someone for not buying local and/or organic food.
    29. 29 Refused to drink drip coffee.
    30. 30 Had a very complex default coffee order.
    31. 31 Refused to drink cheap domestic beer.
    32. 32 Insisted on only drinking top-shelf liquor.
    33. 33 Only wanted to drink “good” wine.
    34. 34 Looked down on someone for using a box mix instead of making something from scratch.
    35. 35 Been annoyed by someone taking a photo of their meal in public.
    36. 36 Made a point of saying you prefer obscure sports over baseball, basketball, and football.
    37. 37 Refused to go to a place because you think it’s “sketchy.”
    38. 38 Avoided public transportation because you think it’s gross.
    39. 39 Thought less of someone because they didn’t go to a prestigious school.
    40. 40 Judged someone for not traveling as much as you have.
    41. 41 Insisted on only buying name-brand products at the supermarket.
    42. 42 Scoffed at someone for wearing something after it has gone out of fashion.
    43. 43 Judged someone for not wearing designer clothing.
    44. 44 Rolled your eyes at someone for wearing clothes you thought were too trashy or tacky
    45. 45 Thought someone was crazy for ordering a steak or burger “well done.”
    46. 46 Looked down at someone for not being “well read.”
    47. 47 Ostentatiously used esoteric words in casual conversation.
    48. 48 Loudly expressed your disdain for lowbrow comedies.
    49. 49 Been frustrated by talking to someone who doesn’t understand your references to literature, art, or classic cinema.
    50. 50 Been irritated by someone because they don’t know how to make a cup of tea.
    51. 51 Judged someone who prefers the film adaptations of books.
    52. 52 Rolled your eyes at adults who read Young Adult fiction.
    53. 53 Made fun of someone who could not perfectly pronounce words from a language they don’t speak.
    54. 54 Made fun of someone for not being totally up on the news.
    55. 55 Made a point of telling people you think British television is better than American television.
    56. 56 Insisted on only listening to public radio.
    57. 57 Thought you were slightly superior for using Mac products.
    58. 58 Thought less of someone for being religious.
    59. 59 Thought less of someone for not being religious.
    60. 60 Made fun of someone for not having a nice car.

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