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Simple Pranks For People Who Just Want To Watch The World Burn

Give in to the dark side.

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1. Download this gif of three dots and send it to friends to make it seem as though you're typing FOREVER.


2. Fill up a container of orange juice with water mixed with the powder mix from a box of mac n' cheese.

3. Make any screen look like it's been shattered.

4. Pretend to be some kind of mattress monster.

This works with big boxes too.

5. Transform your parents' house into a Steve Buscemi shrine.

6. Turn your friend's phone into a mystery machine.

7. Make your loved ones think you've been turned into a zombie, and they are doomed to fall in a zombie apocalypse they never saw coming.



10. Wake someone up with BASS.

11. Slather some toothpaste inside some Oreos.

12. The ol' "surprise snake in the shower" trick.

This will make any grown man shriek in terror.

13. This one is great if you don't mind wasting perfectly good cheese.

14. Mix up Skittles, Reese's Pieces, and M&M's and ruin candy for everyone.

15. And while we're mixing up brightly colored, similarly shaped things...

16. Pretend you're about to catch a fly ball next to randos on the street.

17. Make a mouse unusable by blocking its sensor with some tape.

Photo of Nic Cage is optional, but strongly encouraged.

18. Solve a math problem on someone's car.

19. And if you reallllllly want to seem evil, make it look as though you're about to microwave a cat.

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