31 Signs You're From Newbridge, NJ


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2. You've fallen asleep in the middle of at least one phone call after doing too much Blue.

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Much, much worse things happened when you were on Emerald Nightmare.

3. You bought all your favorite albums by Sister Sheila, Mother 13, S. Hitface, Old Skull, and Norse Savage at CD Submarine.

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It's also where you traded in your unwanted records by Kenny Dupree, Darren Robbins and the Rockstars, MickNickPickMickNick, and Pout.

12. You have memorized every line of "Rock & Roll Dreams'll Come Through" by The Gas Station Dogs.

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22. You're still pissed off that Rambocky didn't win the Academy Award for Best Picture.

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29. You live in constant fear of getting stomped, barged, whipped, or exsanguinated.

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And what if someone with flagrant night prowls comes along and makes your place look like a carwash?