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Updated on Jul 16, 2018. Posted on Jul 14, 2018

This Quartet Quiz Will Reveal Your Defining Trait

Who is your favorite Sex and the City lady? How about your favorite Plastic from Mean Girls? Give this some thought!

When selecting characters, please choose the one you relate to the most, not necessarily the one you like the most. If you are not familiar with the show or movie, just go with your instinct.

  1. Choose a Golden Girl.

  2. Choose a Sex and the City lady.

  3. Choose a character from The Good Place.

  4. Choose one of the Plastics from Mean Girls.

  5. Choose a Liar from Pretty Little Liars.

  6. Choose a character from Seinfeld.

  7. Choose a Try Guy.

  8. Choose one of the Pink Ladies from Grease.

  9. Choose a lady from Girls.

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