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    Proof That All Pibb Drinkers Are Rebellious Badasses

    Never trust someone who asks for a "water cup" at Chipotle.

    Everybody knows that true thugs drink Pibb Xtra.

    Pibb Xtra

    And if you're drinking Pibb, you sure as hell ain't paying for it.

    I'm such a rebel that at chipotle I ordered a water cup and put Mr.Pibb in it 😏 #yolo

    Excuse me, could I just get a cup for water? SO I CAN FILL IT TO THE BRIM W/ FREE MR PIBB. Ha, you naive cashier. Can I also get yur social?

    If the Purge was real id go to chipotle and get a water cup to fill with Pibb and they can't say anything about it

    Yeah I asked for a water cup at chipotle gotta assume I'm filling that shit up with pibb tho

    Ain't no water in that cup doe. Mr pibb thugz.

    Bad ass mofo gettin Mr Pibb in my Chipotle water cup #breakingthelaw #criminal

    Everyone's doing it.

    I just watched a little kid in a karate uniform get pibb xtra in his water cup like it was no big deal.

    Also while at chipotle I just witnessed a cop get a water cup and got mr. Pibb #somecop

    Saw a guy at Chipotle filling a water cup with Mr. Pibb, whispered in his ear "you'd be in Slytherin because you're cunning and resourceful"

    Ocean's Fourteen: Matt Damon, George Clooney and their twelve other accomplices try to fill a free water cup from Chipotle with Mr. Pibb.

    You'd be kind of a chump not to, right?

    If you buy a drink at chipotle you're a bitch. Me. Pibb in my water cup all day

    If you dont cheat at chipotle and ask for the water cup and fill it with pibb xtra then youre doing it wrong

    my favorite Chipotle hack is asking for a cup of water but actually filling it up with Mr. Pibb

    But if you do it often enough, it may nag at your conscience.

    How many times can I fill my water cup with Mr. Pibb at chipotle before it becomes a felony

    I try not to refill my Chipotle water cup with Mr. Pibb more than once because I remember a boy named Icarus who flew too close to the sun.

    one time I asked for a cup for water at a Five Guys but I filled it with Mr. Pibb. How do I stop WikiLeaks from exposing this?

    The exhilarating feeling I get when I fill a chipotle water cup up with pibb is the most stress I've had all day. #summer

    Sometimes you will get caught.

    I just got yelled at for putting Mr. Pibb in my water cup 😔

    Allie just got caught putting pibb in my water cup #shunned

    Actually just got called out by the cashier for filling my water cup with Pibb at chipotle. Fuck son.

    Driving back to Wendy's right now to pay for a small drink because I used my water cup for Mr. Pibb. My aunt heard me bragging.

    And yeah, there could be some unintended consquences in the long term.

    chipotle prices keep going up because y’all keep putting soda in the free water cups……….. *sips mr pibb from water cup*

    But sometimes you just gotta take a risk, right?