This Food Test Will Prove If You’re A Real New Yorker

If you live in one of the five boroughs, this should be easy.

  1. What is on this bagel?
  2. What is this thing?
  3. What is the name of this meal — two hot dogs and a cup of juice?
  4. Which famous pizza spot is this slice from?
  5. What the hell is this?
  6. What food can you always count on being good at a bodega?
  7. What is this meal?
  8. Which steakhouse is this porterhouse from?
  9. What sort of food item is this woman posing in front of?
  10. What would you eat in this setting?
  11. Where would you go for a "compost cookie"?
  12. Where would you go to get a babka?
  13. Which classic NYC burger spot is this cheeseburger from?
  14. Where would you go for borscht?
  15. Where did this woman get a "salty pimp" ice cream cone?
  16. What food would you most likely buy and eat on a subway platform?

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