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    Lindsay Lohan Is In R.E.M.'s Final Music Video

    James Franco directed the clip for "Blue," a song that features vocals by Patti Smith.

    R.E.M. recruited a bunch of their friends and favorite artists to make videos for all of the songs on their final album, Collapse into Now. Most of the clips came out around the time that record was released in early 2011, but James Franco's short film for the album's final song, "Blue," was released yesterday. James Franco is a very busy dude, so it...took a while. Maybe that had more to do with finding a way to get Lindsay Lohan to appear in the video and less to do with Franco's legendarily hectic schedule. He never got around to making a promised video for another song on the record, "That Someone Is You," but now we have reason to believe he may eventually finish it.

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    The song features Patti Smith on guest vocals. It was her second appearance on an R.E.M. track. She also sang on "E-Bow the Letter," the lead single from their amazing, underrated record New Adventures in Hi-Fi back in 1996.

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