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Joanna Newsom Has A New Song

She played an unreleased number that might be called "Look and Despair" in San Francisco this weekend, and it's really really really good.

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Joanna Newsom debuted her first new song since the release of her triple album Have One On Me in 2010 yesterday at the Treasure Island Music Festival in San Francisco. Newsom's music is often lovely but incredibly dense, like the pop music equivalent of a doorstopper literary novel. This song, though, is relatively simple and pretty, with her singing an immediately appealing melody accompanied only by her piano. It's not far off from the Have One On Me highlights "Good Intentions Paving Company" and "Soft As Chalk," and gives some indication that her next record could end up being her most accessible yet. Or not! She could just as easily have a few incredibly complicated song cycles in the works. You never know with her.

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Via Pitchfork.