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How Much Of A Music Snob Are You?

Please take a break from alphabetizing your vinyl collection and take this quiz.

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  1. Have you ever...

    Felt like ranking your favorite music of the year was a necessary thing to do?
    Skipped over someone on a dating site because they have bad taste in music?
    Shamed a younger person for not knowing a musical reference that was before their time?
    Corrected someone for getting a minor fact about an artist wrong?
    Been annoyed when everyone starts liking something you liked a year ago?
    Forced someone to listen to something obscure because you wanted to "educate" them?
    Been dismissive of someone buying a greatest hits album?
    Had elaborate rules for the sequencing of mix tapes and CDs?
    Been a DJ?
    Loaded your phone with new songs before a party, just in case?
    Been annoyed at someone DJing from an iPod?
    Complained about something being "overproduced"?
    Made a point of telling people that you preferred an artist's earlier work?
    Insisted that a demo version of a song was better than the finished studio version?
    Insisted that a song (or an artist) is much better live?
    Insisted that a remix was better than the original version?
    Believed that other people are too dumb to "get" the music you enjoy?
    Coined a genre name – ___-core, ___-wave, etc?
    Said “there’s nothing good on the radio”?
    Had your brain shut down upon being asked "what kind of music do you like?"
    Stopped liking an artist because you're embarrassed to be associated with their fans?
    Avoided going to see a band in a large venue?
    Left a show because you were annoyed with the crowd?
    Been to SXSW?
    Been to Coachella?
    Been to Glastonbury?
    Been to a DIY punk show?
    Been to an illegal warehouse rave?
    Bragged about seeing a band before anyone else knew them?
    Worked at an independent record store?
    Worked at an independent record store and made someone feel bad about what they were buying?
    Had a college radio show?
    Had a free jazz phase?
    Had a dub phase?
    Had a black metal phase?
    Had a krautrock phase?
    Told someone that you think international pop music is better than American pop music?
    Acquired a copy of every single thing a band has ever released? (EVERTHING.)
    Purchased a bootleg?
    Bought an album on import?
    Bought an import single?
    Bought every version of a CD single to get all the b-sides?
    Ordered from indie mail order catalogs?
    Traveled out of your way to go to a record store?
    Planned an entire vacation around record shopping?
    Bought high-end headphones?
    Bought high-end speakers?
    Bought tube-amp speakers?
    Actually worried about the quality of your home stereo?
    Been anxious about the bitrate of audio files?
    Have you ever been mad at someone for ripping an mp3 under 320kbps?
    Insisted on listening to lossless audio files like FLAC?
    Purchased a FLAC file?
    Been actually ANGRY about the "loudness war"?
    Spent hours making sure your entire mp3 library had consistent metadata?
    Organized your mp3s by BPM?
    Spent hours alphabetizing CDs or LPs?
    Bought a turntable and vinyl records after 1990?
    Told people that vinyl just sounds better than CDs?
    Cared about how many grams a vinyl pressing weighs?
    Bought a record you know you might not actually listen to?
    Bid on a rare record on eBay?
    Spent more than $20 on a record?
    Spent more than $50 on a record?
    Spent more than $100 on a record?
    Spent more than $500 on a record?
    Purchased a cassette-only indie release?
    Purchased a limited-edition 7-inch single?
    Subscribed to multiple streaming services at once?
    Saved a hard drive because it had music on it?
    Laughed at someone for not being able to identify a sample in a song?
    Accused an artist of "selling out"?
    Bristled at a pop song snuck into an otherwise niche DJ set?
    Contributed to a zine?
    Heard of Lester Bangs?
    Heard of Gerard Cosloy?
    Heard of Nardwuar?
    Heard of Robert Christgau?
    Heard of John Peel?
    Heard of Ellen Willis?
    Been able to name 5 music journalists off the top of your head?
    Been able to name more than 10 music journalists off the top of your head?
    Bought an issue of The Wire magazine?
    Owned a 33 ⅓ book?
    Submitted a proposal to write a 33 ⅓ book?
    Regularly listened to a show on WFMU?
    Shopped at a record fair?
    Bluffed your way through a conversation about an obscure artist you actually didn't know much about?
    Bought a Soul Jazz Records compilation?
    Traveled more than five hours to see a show?
    Shamed someone for buying music at a chain store?
    Bought mixtapes on the street?
    Shamed someone for wearing a band's t-shirt at the band's concert?
    Bought a T-shirt at a show and wore it the next day?
    Planned out the music played at your wedding even if you're totally single?
    Had a song or artist ruined for you because you associate it with an ex?
    Bought tickets to see a reunion show even though you kinda knew it'd be disappointing?
    Remembered parts of your own life based mainly on what you were listening to at the time?
    Been emotionally distraught after a favorite band has broken up?
    Mourned the death of a favorite musician as though they were someone you actually knew?

How Much Of A Music Snob Are You?

There is no doubt that you're waaaay into music, but you're not TOTALLY intense about it. Like, you probably have other interests and a well-rounded life. There's no shame in that!

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You're a major music nerd, and most people in your life consider you to be an expert. You're very committed, but there's some lines you don't cross.

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Music is unquestionably the main focus of your life, and you spend a huge amount of time and money on your obsessions. A lot of people are in awe of you.

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You are a full-on music expert. You know everything, you have everything. You live and breathe music, but scoff at anyone who is like "music is my life!"

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