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How Much Do You Hate Minions?

Ugghhhhhh, right?

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    When you see Minions are you just like, why are they EVERYWHERE now? How did this happen?
    Do you fondly remember the days before Minions were inescapable?
    Do you think less of other people when you find out they love Minions?
    Like, even little kids?
    Do you cringe every time you see a Minion?
    Do you want to die every time you hear Minions speak?
    Do you imagine the odd, plastic-like texture of the Minions' bodies, and feel instinctively grossed out?
    Have you ever thought of what the Minions must smell like, and just want to barf forever?
    Did you see photos of that Minions-themed wedding and want to burn down the entire planet?
    Do you feel intense disgust when people try to sexualize Minions?
    Are you pretty sure the sudden omnipresence of Minions is part of some sinister conspiracy?
    Are you kinda weirded out by there being a kids movie that's entirely about little obedient nothing-creatures who only want to serve evil masters?
    Have you refused to eat perfectly good snack foods because they had Minions on the packaging, or were shaped like Minions?
    Are you so repulsed by Minions that you now kinda hate anything that shade of yellow?
    Have the Minions made you hate bananas?
    Do you feel intense rage when you see one of those Minions memes on Facebook?
    Do you get even more mad when those Minions memes have them saying offensive stuff that has no connection to the actual Minions characters?
    Do you find other people more sexually attractive when they declare their hatred of Minions?
    Have you fantasized about punching, kicking, or throwing a Minion?
    Do you dream of going on a Minion-killing rampage?
    Would you actually want to see the Minions suffer?
    If you could go back in time and kill the people who came up with Minions, would you?
    Do you kinda wish you could wipe out everyone who thinks Minions are funny from the face of the earth?
    Do you honestly think the popularity of the Minions is a sign that the world is getting worse?
    Does it make you feel genuinely happy to despise the Minions?

How Much Do You Hate Minions?

You don't truly hate the Minions. You might even LIKE the Minions.

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You truly dislike the Minions, but your hatred is not overwhelming or anything. It's a healthy disdain.

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Your hatred for Minions is intense, and all-consuming. You are hell-bent on destroying the Minions and all who love them.

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