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Here's The Slowest, Sexiest Cover Of TLC's "No Scrubs" Ever

It's from the British songwriter Scout Niblett's latest album, and it's gorgeous.

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Scout Niblett is a British singer-songwriter who currently lives in Portland, Oregon. She's been making dark, gorgeous music since 2001. Sorta like Cat Power meets PJ Harvey, but she's very much her own thing.

Her latest album, It's Up to Emma is out now. It's very intense, but also quite beautiful.

The most surprising track on the record is her version of TLC's 1999 smash "No Scrubs." She totally makes it her own, but without sacrificing the essence of the original.

She has actually been performing the song in concert for a while now, and originally released her recording as a stand alone single last year.

To get a sense of the rest of Niblett's new album, here's the video for her new single "Gun," in which she dresses up as Snow White and goes to an amusement park.

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That line "you took your love away from me, and I am thankful every day" just slays.

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