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    Dec 4, 2012

    Grizzly Bear Is The "Frasier" Of Rock Music

    It's kind of an intuitive thing, but yes, they are.

    This is Grizzly Bear:

    Neilson Barnard / Getty Images

    They are a band from Brooklyn who have attained a great level of commercial success despite being almost impossibly prim and effete. Their music is as melancholy as it is technically accomplished, and their albums are like the rock equivalent of reading The New Yorker in a cashmere sweater while sipping a latte and feeling a vague sense of ennui.

    This is the cast of "Frasier":


    The long-running sitcom Frasier was unapologetically erudite and highbrow, but was nevertheless one of the most popular sitcoms of the '90s.

    Grizzly Bear has two lead singers, and Frasier had two male leads.

    Frasier Crane = Daniel Rossen

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    This is one of Daniel's songs, "A Simple Answer."

    Niles Crane = Ed Droste

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    This is one of Ed's songs, "Yet Again."

    Grizzly Bear need to record a sad, gorgeously harmonized rendition of the "Frasier" theme song.

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