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    Nov 11, 2014

    This Girl Singing Along To Prince's "Kiss" Is Wonderful

    It's delightful, but also sorta poignant. If you've ever had a hopeless crush, this will hit you right in the feels.

    This version of Prince's "Kiss" was apparently the opening track of a mix cd made by a girl named Amy for her friend Caroline. She talks and sings over the song, and it's adorable.

    But as cute as it is, the track is filled with tension because it's unclear whether Caroline is her friend or her girlfriend, and either way, it seems like Amy is waaaaay more into Caroline than she should be.

    This recording has been floating around the internet since the early '00s, when many "mic in track" recordings intended for private use made their way into other people's collections via peer-to-peer file sharing programs. (In a lot of cases, users didn't realize that the directory with these files were being shared.)

    This track comes courtesy of The Professor, who featured many of these tracks along with all manner of fascinating found audio on his WFMU radio show The Audio Kitchen between 2001 and 2003.