22 Things You Do When You Hang Out With Younger Friends

    How do you do, fellow kids?

    1. You can't stop yourself from telling them how things were when you were their age.

    2. And you feel compelled to constantly offer unsolicited advice.

    3. You either constantly mention your age around them...

    4. ...or you try a little too hard to fit in.

    5. If you find out someone thinks you're a lot younger than you are, you're extremely flattered.

    6. But also vaguely insulted?

    7. You try to keep up with all their cultural references, but it's exhausting.

    8. And you're always hoping no one notices that you're out of touch.

    9. You envy their style until you try something on and realize it's horribly uncomfortable, or totally unflattering on you.

    10. Even if they're adults, you feel a little lecherous when you think they're hot.

    11. You look at people going waaay overboard with partying and shake your head.

    12. You try to be patient and understanding when you hear them talk about their young-person angst...

    13. ...and try not to make it obvious that you think they are being ridiculous.

    14. You try to tell them everything is going to be OK; they never ever listen.

    15. You really try not to laugh when they say incredibly naïve or prematurely jaded things about how they think the world works.

    16. You get irrationally angry when they've never heard of the stuff that was cool when you were younger.

    17. You get overly excited when someone a lot younger than you is into the stuff from your era.

    18. And you're like, "There's hope for them yet!"

    19. Sometimes you're jealous of the cool stuff they have that wasn't around when you were younger...

    20. ...but other times you just thank the heavens there was no such thing as texting or Facebook when you were young and dumb.

    21. Ultimately, you're just glad to be a mature adult with your shit together.

    22. Because you know that trying to seem young forever is embarrassing to everyone.