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This Test Will Reveal Your Dominant Personality Trait

Let's find out about the real you.

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  1. Play peacemaker and do everything you can to help resolve the conflict
    Get very upset and get anxious about taking a side
    Mind your own business and let them sort it out themselves
    Insert yourself into the conflict, try to get both of them on your side
    Listen to them, try to understand how each of them feels but try to be neutral
  2. Have a big party, invite lots of people
    Go out for dinner with a small group of family and friends
    Go somewhere interesting, have some kind of new experience
    I'd prefer not to celebrate my birthday, or at least not make it a big deal
    I don't know, but I'd be offended if people in my life didn't plan something for me
  3. It is a very high priority, I am happiest when things are organized
    I try to keep it tidy enough to not be embarrassed when people come over
    I do my best to keep things clean out of consideration for other people
    I'm not very organized, but wish I was
    I don't care at all, and I tend to be kinda messy
  4. Yes, I am full of ideas
    Yes, but only when I feel inspired
    I like to perform, but I'm not really an idea person
    I can be creative, but only within an organized system
    No, not really
  5. Dancing, joking around, getting drunk, having fun
    The opportunity to meet new people
    Planning the party: preparing food, decorations, organizing everything
    Seeing my friends, talking to people I already know
    Nothing, parties just stress me out and I avoid them
  6. Yes, this is a huge part of my life
    I just keep up with the popular stuff everyone's talking about
    Not really, I don't have the time or energy
    I am a really intense and dedicated fan of some things and kinda ignore the rest
    I'm just kinda casually into things, it's not a focus of life for me
  7. Yes, I love it and seek it out regularly
    No, I prefer to just kinda blend in with the crowd
    I like getting attention for creative stuff, but not so much in social situations
    No, unless I'm being recognized for an achievement
    It depends on what sort of mood I'm in
  8. All sorts of things, I get upset very easily
    Feeling ostracized and left out of things
    Being rejected or humiliated in front of other people
    Having my work insulted or attacked
    Ignorance and cruelty directed at people I care about
  9. Travel someplace you've never been, look for an adventure
    Go to a spa and do some relaxing things
    Stay home and work on household projects
    Plan a group trip with a few of your best friends
    Spend time with your family

This Test Will Reveal Your Dominant Personality Trait

You got: Focus

You tend to be organized and dependable, and have a strong work ethic. You place a lot of emphasis on attaining goals, and take great pride in your achievements. You’re the kind of person who prefers to have a plan rather than act spontaneously, which can lead to conflict with friends and family members who are less rigid.

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You got: Extroversion

You tend to be outgoing, upbeat, and assertive, and gravitate to social situations. You are often quite energetic and motivated, but can get bored and depressed when you’re alone. You’re naturally quite talkative and enjoy opportunities to be in the spotlight.

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You got: Sensitivity

You’re very in touch with your emotions, and you aren’t afraid to express your vulnerability. Your strong emotions can lead you to be impulsive, which can manifest itself in creativity and openness to experience as well as more self-destructive tendencies.

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You got: Compassion

You are very warm and kind, and you feel most fulfilled when you’re helping and supporting other people. You are very easy to get along with, and you rarely expect the worst of people you meet. You dislike conflict and tend to gravitate to other agreeable people.

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You got: Curiosity

You are very open to new experiences and perspectives. You tend to be creative and seek out engaging art, intellectual stimulation, and opportunities to travel. You are more likely to take risks than most people.

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