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    David Bowie Has Returned With A New Song

    It's called "Where Are We Now?," and it's going to be on The Next Day, his first allbum in a decade. He's been gone so long, everyone just thought he was retired.

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    David Bowie's 30th studio album The Next Day will be out on March 12th, close to a decade after his last record, Reality, came out in 2003. He has kept a very low profile since he underwent heart surgery in 2004, to the point that many fans were speculating that he had quietly retired from being a rock star.

    Bowie teamed up with longtime producer Tony Visconti for the new record. Visconti has worked with the singer through most every phase of his career, contributing to to everything from early albums like Space Oddity and The Man Who Sold the World to the Berlin trilogy with Brian Eno and more recent albums like Heathen and Reality.

    Here's the track listing and album cover for The Next Day in the iTunes store: