Dave Grohl's Reddit AMA Gave A Band Their Big Break

    A member of The Winter Brave's roommate shared their song with Grohl, and now it's blowing up on social media.

    The Winter Brave are a rock band from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

    Dave Grohl recently did a Reddit AMA, and the roommate of one of the band members asked Dave to listen to their music.

    And Dave was into it!

    Here's the story from one of the members of The Winter Brave. Things really picked up for them immediately after the AMA was done.

    Here's "Metaphors," the song that impressed Grohl and everyone else on Reddit.


    Watch the comments as they go along – it's mostly Foo Fighters fans and Redditors getting very excited about the music.

    ...and this just a taste of what their Facebook page looks like in the wake of the Grohl AMA.