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There's A BuzzFeed Quiz Instagram Now And It's Full Of Totally New Quizzes!

It's a must for all quiz addicts.

If you're reading this, there's a good chance that you're already hooked on BuzzFeed quizzes.

And honestly, thank you for that! We love making quizzes for you. It's the best job ever.

So we've decided to start a BuzzFeed Quiz Instagram to bring our quizzes to you in a totally new way.

Instagram is cool because we can do a lot of things we can't quite do on the regular BuzzFeed website.

Like old school maze games...

...word jumbles...

...and animated quizzes.

We've also got name generators!

Tattoo generators!

And swipe-through quizzes!

We've only just begun messing around with what can be done, tbh.

So head on over to the BuzzFeed Quiz Instagram and smash that follow button if you want to see what we do next.