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Being A Music Fan In Your Twenties Vs. Your Thirties

Is it that you're getting older, or are the bands actually getting younger?

1. Twenties: You absolutely must make your way to the front row of any show.

Thirties: You have a very different floor spot in mind.

2. Twenties: Moshing and crowd surfing seems like a great idea.

Thirties: You run scared if it looks like people around you at a show are getting even a little bit rowdy.

3. Twenties: You seek out relationships based on your musical compatibility.

Thirties: Some of your favorite songs and albums have been ruined because you associate them with your exes.

4. Twenties: You're totally furious if one of your favorite artists "sells out."

Thirties: You're just glad they found a way to make some money.

5. Twenties: You feel compelled to share the music you love with everyone you meet.

Thirties: You get more excited about people sharing stuff with you because you feel like you're behind on new music.

6. Twenties: You need to know about every new artist well before everyone else.

Thirties: You get impatient with "promising" new bands and just want them to be awesome RIGHT NOW or stop wasting your time.

7. Twenties: You feel embarrassed for having liked an artist who fell off and made some horrible albums.

Thirties: You realize you actually like a lot of the music you used to think was horrible.

8. Twenties: You're willing to travel anywhere at any time to see a concert.

Thirties: You feel exhausted just thinking about going to see a late show on a work night.

9. Twenties: You get sooooooo emotionally attached to lyrics that reflect your life.

Thirties: You care more about the sophisticated details of the music, man.

10. Twenties: You feel totally heartbroken when your favorite bands break up.

Thirties: You go to see all of those bands on their inevitable reunion tours.

11. Twenties: You come up with elaborate schemes to meet the band after the show.

Thirties: You're more concerned with figuring out a way to beat traffic on the way home.

12. Twenties: You feel a bit insecure about not knowing the entirety of music history.

Thirties: You just give up on being an expert and focus on the stuff you know you love.

13. Twenties: All you want to do is dance, dance, dance.

Thirties: Ehhh, not so much.

14. Twenties: You pick obscure karaoke songs because you want the song to say something about you.

Thirties: You choose a crowd pleaser that makes everyone dance and sing along.

15. Twenties: You feel very smug about knowing about all the latest subgenres and scenes.

Thirties: You are frightened and confused by what the kids are into these days.

16. Twenties: You can't imagine your life without music.

Thirties: Actually, that doesn't change at all.