21 Awkward Moments Every Music Fan Knows All Too Well

"So, what kind of music do you like?"

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6. Making a clever joke or reference to a song that you think is hilarious, but no one gets it and they just think you're a weirdo.


You: "[Hilarious in-joke only an obsessive Pavement fan would understand], hahaahahaha!"

Totally normal person: *glassy stare*

9. Really, any time you have to pretend that your taste is a lot more sophisticated and obscure than it really is.


But you can always pull a "Oh, but I only really like their early work" and hope they don't question it.

14. Learning that your headphones are way louder than you thought and everyone around you could hear what you were listening to.


And it's somehow always when you're listening to something that will make you feel embarrassed.