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Alanis Morrissette Music Sparks Domestic Violence Incident

A man in Florida attacked his partner for listening to her songs way too often.

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Allen Casey, a 24-year-old man in Jacksonville, FL, was arrested on Sunday for hitting his 33-year-old partner Todd Fletcher in the face with a plate for listening to too much Alanis Morrissette. A witness to the attack says that Casey also hit Fletcher with his hands.

Casey explained that Fletcher's Morrissette fandom incited the assault, telling police "That's all that [expletive] listens to."

It's easy to understand why he'd get so mad about hearing the same thing all the time – we've all been there with a roommate, sibling or neighbor, right? – but still, whoooooa. Way too far! Hopefully we're only just getting the weirdest bit of the story, because it's kinda disturbing if hearing "Ironic" a few too many times is all it takes to have this guy go off into a berserker rage.

Anyway, at the risk of getting a place to the face, here is Alanis' most underrated hit, "All I Really Want."

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