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Posted on Sep 12, 2016

How Well Can You Understand German Without Knowing German?

Let's see how you do interpreting these street signs.

  1. What is this sign warning you about?

    Flickr: manoftaste-de
  2. What are you not allowed to do here?

    Flickr: coreforce
  3. What is this sign telling you?

    Flickr: vike
  4. What about this sign?

    Flickr: qubodup
  5. Where is this sign pointing you?

    Flickr: dave7dean
  6. What is listed in the left-hand column of this menu?

    Flickr: savagecats
  7. What is this place?

    Flickr: verborrea
  8. What is this sign trying to tell you?

    Flickr: raaphorst
  9. What does this sign want you to do?

    Flickr: ikkoskinen
  10. What is this sign advertising?

    Flickr: bionicfarmer
  11. What does this very long word mean?

    Flickr: sebilden
  12. What is down, uh, that way?

    Flickr: quinet

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