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9 GIFs Of The Rolling Stones When They Were Young

Here are the best moments from the new movie Charlie Is My Darling, which features rare footage of the band shot in 1965. They were just kids!

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First, you should watch the trailer for the movie...

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Charlie Is My Darling is the first professionally shot film of the band, but it's never been released until now. (It's out today on Blu-Ray and DVD.) It's kinda amazing to see the Stones so young! The footage for this movie was shot over the course of a weekend in Ireland just after "(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction" made number one in 1965. They're just hitting their stride as a rock band. The swagger is there, but it's still new to them.

1. Mick claps!

2. Keith riffs!

3. Mick grins!

4. Getting off the plane!

5. Clapping on the train!

6. Charlie sticks his tongue out!

7. Live on stage!

8. Fluttering fingers!

9. Mick dances!