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    32 Guitars Ranked By Moral Virtue

    This chart determines the "trustworthiness" of electric guitar models based on the supposed ethics of the people who play them, ranging from despicable douchebags to total saints. (Via WFMU)

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    Designer Chris Gregori based this chart on Matt Mcinerney's "Trustworthiness of Beards" poster, and the rankings were determined by a pool of 500 people. This will be available as a 39" by 8.5" poster soon, and you can download a file of all the guitar illustrations for your own use here for free.

    Is this thing accurate? Hmmmm maybe.

    Repugnant Individual?


    Up for debate.

    Girlfriend Stealer?


    Yeah, probably.

    Amp Stealer?

    Via Flickr: stephen_pollard


    Honest Dude?


    Most likely!