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20 Amazing Gift Ideas For Music Lovers

Gadgets, instruments, art, apparel, and more!

1. Mini Wooden Speaker

This adorable little speaker is perfect for amplifying the music on your iPod, iPhone, or whatever other portable device you own. It's available for $32 from Uncommon Goods.

2. Wobble Dubstep Grime Generator

You can make your own customized dubstep with this program, which promises to "make the most crazy, pulsating, and different sounds ever to grace your speaker's soon to be aching cones." If you get this on Christmas Day, you might pick it up fast enough to drop the bass on New Year's Eve. You can buy it for $149.99 from SONiVOX.

3. Three-Tier Vinyl Record Cupcake Stand

You can buy this from an Etsy shop based in Australia for $35.

4. "Rap Music Makes Me Feel Invincible" T-Shirt

5. One Direction Dolls


Dolls for each member of the band are available for $29.99 each from Hasbro, but let's be real, you want to buy a Harry doll, so just be done with it.

6. The Wanted Dolls


There are dolls for The Wanted too, if you prefer them. They're a little less expensive, also — $24.99 from The Wanted's website.

7. Handmade Synthesizers

These DIY synthesizer kits were created by Bleep Labs in Austin, Texas. The prices range from around $50 to $300, and you can order them from their online store.

8. Art Prints by Concepcion Studios

Here's a David Bowie "Ziggy Stardust" design...

...and one for The Beatles...

...and here's a Johnny Cash poster. They're $25 each from the Concepcion Studios store on Etsy.

9. Crosley Cruiser Portable Turntable


These cute portable turntables come in a variety of colors, including pink, green, orange, and blue. You can buy one for $99.99 from Always Fits.

10. "N****s in Paris" T-Shirt

This is only $11.95 from Kustom Tees on Etsy.

11. Here's another "N****s in Paris" option...

...a set of fine art prints of quotes from the song for $35, from ElloThere on Etsy.

12. DIY Guitar Pick Punch

Turn your expired credit cards into picks for $24.99, from ThinkGeek.

13. "Song Reader" by Beck

Beck's new album is actually a book of sheet music. The 20 songs in this book have never been recorded, so it's up to other musicians to determine how they should sound. You can buy it for $34 from McSweeney's.

14. David Bowie Eye Test Chart

This is available from the WastedAndWounded shop on Etsy for $65.

15. Apothecary Cabinet for CDs

This drawer, $199.99 from Red Rooster Bed and Breakfast Folk Art on Etsy, is ideal for someone who wants to keep their old CDs, but not necessarily out in the open.

16. "Britney Spears Changed My Life" T-Shirt

Designed by Ice Cream Tees. You can buy it for $14.50 on Etsy.

17. Headphone Earmuffs


These are good for either fooling people into believing that you have headphones on, or for wearing over your headphones. They're very cute, and you can buy them for $20 from HustleAndSewShop on Etsy.

18. "How Music Works" by David Byrne

David Byrne's new book is a collection of essays in which he reflects on the history of music, recorded sound, musicians' relationship with their audience, and the economics of the music industry. It sounds very dry, but Byrne's wry sense of humor and oddball perspective makes it all very lively. You can buy it for $28 from McSweeney's.

19. Psy Earrings


"Gangnam Style," taken very literally. These homemade earrings are $13 from GimmeSwords on Etsy.

20. "The Trustworthiness of Guitars" Poster Print

This poster designed by Matt Mcinerney ranks 32 different types of electric guitar by the moral virtue of the people who play them. You can buy it here for $8.