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20 Amazing Gift Ideas For Music Lovers

Gadgets, instruments, art, apparel, and more!

1. Mini Wooden Speaker

2. Wobble Dubstep Grime Generator

3. Three-Tier Vinyl Record Cupcake Stand

4. "Rap Music Makes Me Feel Invincible" T-Shirt

5. One Direction Dolls

6. The Wanted Dolls

7. Handmade Synthesizers

8. Art Prints by Concepcion Studios

9. Crosley Cruiser Portable Turntable

10. "N****s in Paris" T-Shirt

11. Here's another "N****s in Paris" option...

12. DIY Guitar Pick Punch

13. "Song Reader" by Beck

14. David Bowie Eye Test Chart

15. Apothecary Cabinet for CDs

16. "Britney Spears Changed My Life" T-Shirt

17. Headphone Earmuffs

18. "How Music Works" by David Byrne

19. Psy Earrings

20. "The Trustworthiness of Guitars" Poster Print