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    17 Ultra-Cozy Music Sweaters

    Whether you're into boy bands or Krautrock, you don't truly love a band until you've knit a sweater with their name on it.

    1. David Bowie

    2. Kraftwerk


    Mishka designed this astounding sweater.

    3. New Kids On The Block

    4. Joey McIntyre of the New Kids On The Block

    5. Weezer


    If you want to destroy my sweater / pull this thread as I walk awaaaay...

    6. Pink Floyd

    7. Neil Diamond


    This one was knitted by a fan who wore it in the front row of a show in Hartford, Connecticut back in 1989.

    8. Morrissey


    This one was designed by Mishka.

    9. Wire


    These are based on the cover of their third album, 154.

    10. Vanilla Ice

    11. Sonic Youth

    12. Ian Curtis of Joy Division


    Another amazing Mishka design.

    13. Can

    14. The Grateful Dead

    15. Alice Cooper


    16. Bob Marley

    17. Elvis Presley