15 Glorious Songs About Pie

    Nothing inspires musicians more than pie. Not love, not sex, not drugs. It's pie. Especially if you are Paul McCartney.

    1. Led Zeppelin, "Custard Pie"

    2. D'Angelo, "Devil's Pie"

    3. Danielson Famile, "Fathom the Night Fruits Pie"

    4. Stephen Malkmus and The Jicks, "Dragonfly Pie"

    5. Destiny's Child, "Apple Pie à la Mode"

    6. Kenny Chesney, "Key Lime Pie"

    7. Oasis, "Magic Pie"

    8. Stone Temple Pilots, "Piece of Pie"

    9. The Beatles, "Honey Pie"

    10. The Beatles, "Wild Honey Pie"

    11. Paul McCartney, "Flaming Pie"

    12. Neil Diamond, "Porcupine Pie"

    13. Warrant, "Cherry Pie"

    14. Prefab Sprout, "Blueberry Pies"

    And of course...

    15. Don McLean, "American Pie"