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    6 Vaguely Creepy Photos Of Katy Perry's Mascot, Kitty Purry

    Maybe there's a reason why Katy is the only pop star who has her own furry mascot.

    1. Katy Perry has a furry mascot called Kitty Purry.

    2. Kitty Purry is a regular part of Katy's live show.

    3. Sometimes Kitty Purry is kinda scary, and Katy just stares on like a deer in the headlights.

    4. Katy probably didn't intend for Kitty Purry to seem so menacing.

    5. Kitty Purry looks a bit like something from a cable-access kid's show, or a strange old amusement park.

    6. It is someone's job to be Kitty Purry.