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I Tried Zendaya's Go-To Starbucks Drink That Everyone's Talking About, And Y'all, She Has Incredible Taste

I think I've found my new go-to order.

If you (like me), have ever wondered what 👑Zendaya 👑 orders at Starbucks, today is your lucky day.

Zendaya smiling on a red carpet

Earlier this week, barista Gwynneth Galarion (@notlikeothrgirls) tweeted that Zendaya walked into her Starbucks and placed an order with her.

i just took zendaya’s starbucks order and idk how i’m gonna function for the rest of the year

Twitter: @notlikeothrgrIs

Naturally, this set Twitter on fire.

She followed up with exactly what she says Zendaya ordered: a Venti iced matcha green tea latte with coconut milk.

@alissagodsby venti iced matcha green tea latte w/ coconut milk 🍵💚

Twitter: @notlikeothrgrIs

Now, while I can't 100% verify the visit or the order, I did notice that the drink seemed to visually match a behind-the-scenes Euphoria photo that Zendaya posted on her Instagram stories.

Zendaya and director Sam Levinson on the set of "Euphoria"

Here's a closer look:

Zendaya and director Sam Levinson on the set of "Euphoria"

And honestly, that was enough for me. I wanted to try it.

So I headed to my local Starbucks so I could feel like I was Emmy Award-winning actor Zendaya. I placed my order — a Venti iced matcha green tea latte with coconut milk — before casually telling the friendly barista helping me that my name was "Z."

Starbucks drink

So, I stepped outside and took my first sip. My eyes widened. The dusty matcha and coconut milk danced on my tongue. Immediately, I felt refreshed, invigorated, and...powerful.

Author's reaction to drinking a Starbucks drink

I already knew Zendaya has great taste, and now I know that skillset extends to what to order at Starbucks. The matcha green tea was an ideal amount of caffeine — enough to get me energized without making me feel wired or activating my anxiousness. And the coconut milk substitution added the perfect amount of weight and sweetness to the overall drink. It felt like something I could sip anytime of the day (or between takes on the Euphoria set).

Before even getting halfway through "The Zendaya" — as it's been dubbed — and after spilling some of her on my shirt, I knew I'd found my new go-to Starbucks order. It's light, sweet, and energizing. And the Venti is the perfect size. I was able to drink enough to satiate my thirst and still have some leftover for the rest of the morning. Also, it's iced, so it's LGBTQ+ approved.

Author holding Starbucks drink

After finishing the drink, I got in touch with Gwynneth, the barista who tweeted the details.

"I felt like I was in a dream the entire time I was taking her order," Gwynneth told BuzzFeed. "It was hard to focus. I was staring at her, but I couldn't hear anything. My ears were ringing. I didn't even hear her order the first time, so I had to ask her to repeat it."

Barista describes her encounter with Zendaya

As for the drink itself? Gwynneth put her barista hat on to offer her professional thoughts on Zendaya's drink order: "I have to say, it is pretty good." There you have it y'all — 'The Zendaya' is barista-approved!

Red lanterns are seen decorated in front of a Starbucks Coffee store

And apparently, I'm not the only one that rushed to their local Starbucks to try out 'The Zendaya.' Gwynneth shared: "Another barista, at a completely different location in another state, quote tweeted me and said, 'Girl, the amount of times I got an order for a Venti iced green tea matcha Latte with coconut milk today...'"

Author drinking the venti iced matcha green tea latte

Have you tried 'The Zendaya' yet? What are your thoughts on the drink? Let me know in the comments.