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2000s Fashion Is My Favorite Thing Ever, And I Want To See Your Own Pics From The Time

I want to see your Apple Bottom jeans, and your boots with the fur.

Look, the Met Gala theme was very gold and all, but I wish they would stop messing around and make the theme to celebrate the real golden era: 2000s fashion.

Disney stars Demi Lovato, Selena Gomez, and Miley Cyrus

I mean, is this 2004 look from Ashley Tisdale at the premiere of The Incredibles not the most fashion-forward outfit you've ever seen in your life?

Ashley Tisdale

I am hungry for more 2000s fashion. So, I want to see YOUR photos from this decadent decade. Please don't keep them to yourself — upload your old looks, and let us live (again)!

Maybe you were a scene kid, and liked to wear band tees with teased hair and colorful tights just like Hayley Williams during the early days of Paramore.

Hunter Lamb, Josh Farro, Hayley Williams, Jeremy Davis, and Zac Farro of Paramore

Perhaps your style was more like the iconic Kyla Pratt's on her hit show One on One.

Kyla Pratt and Flex Alexander star in the UPN television program "One on One"

Or maybe you kept it basic like Miley with a shirt/dress over classic jeans, and wore studded belt and messenger hats when you were feeling a bit more edgy!

Miley Cyrus

Were you slightly ahead of your peers and rocking “Party Rock Anthem” outfits before LMFAO was?

RedFoo of LMFAO performs onstage

Or did you keep it classic like Kelly Rowland with her red highlights and Nelly with his Timbs, extra-large shirt, matching sweatband, and iconic face Band-Aid?

Kelly Rowland and Nelly stand together on street, cuddling

And I know it can feel a little embarrassing to share pictures of your old self, so here's a picture of me being a Hot Topic try-hard. Remember, it's all in the past, and there's nothing to be ashamed of — we were all experimenting!

Author as a child and now

Share your own blast from the past looks in the comments, or through this anonymous Google form if you prefer to be private. You could be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed Community post if you do.

I hope to see some Ed Hardy!