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"I Live Alone, But My Bathroom Is In The Hallway": New Yorkers Confessed How Much They Pay For Rent Vs. How Much They Actually Make Per Year

"I sued my landlord. That's why I pay $2,000 instead of $3,000."

New York — we've all heard of her. She's romantic, chaotic, tough, and expensive AF. And everybody wants to hang out with her. Like many millennials, I wish I could wake up in the same zip code as the Empire State Building, and have a morning routine reminiscent of The Devil Wears Prada. Inspired by my recent Erewhon expedition in Los Angeles, I asked New Yorkers on my recent trip there how they afford to live in the iconic city.

new york skyline with text that says "the devil writes for buzzfeed"

I wanted an array of answers, so I asked New Yorkers I met while exploring six buzz-worthy places: the subway, Times Square, Margaritaville resort, Mr. Purple bar at Hotel Indigo, Brooklyn's Alligator Lounge, and The Met museum. Out of the 33 locals I asked, 21 of them were down to talk.

new yorkers overlayed on a map of the city

Here are 21 locals' confessions of their monthly rent, what they do for work, the salary they bring in each year, and the anonymous doodles I drew of them in exchange for their honesty:

The Subway
venture capitalist on the subway
architect in the street
health economist in the subway station
non profit fundraiser waiting for the subway
Times Square
store supervisor in times square
writer in front of building near times square
server near times square
food delivery worker in times square smoking
street performer in times square
producer in chair at bar margaritaville
security guard with new york in back
producer on rooftop bar with new york in back
Mr. Purple
audio engineer on rooftop with manhattan in the back
producer on rooftop bar with manhattan in the back
Alligator Lounge
sales coordinator playing pool
store owner in bar drinking
social media manager drinking beer at a bar
photographer drinking beer at a bar
doctor at a bar with balloon tied to him
The Met
pharmacist waiting in the met
teacher sketching in the met

My takeaway: Most locals who were open to being real about their rent were from the Bronx or Brooklyn — Manhattan folks are touchy about rent transparency, I guess. Back in Los Angeles, I pay $1,725/month for a one-bedroom near Hollywood. So, while New York rent prices are high, they're not as out of reach for me as I thought...if I'm okay having a roommate. Based on these 21 responses, that's a sacrifice most New Yorkers put up with to afford their lifestyle. And after having a whirlwind week there, yeah, I get it.

author on rooftop bar with view of new york in back

If you also live in New York, for the sake of rent transparency, what do you pay each month for rent? How do these prices compare to where you live? Share your side in the comments.

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