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    Harry Styles Picked Up These Five Very Specific Things From The Crowd During His Coachella Weekend 2 Set, And I'm Convinced It's Iconic

    I never knew I needed to see Harry in bunny ears until now.

    Harry Styles brought disco to the desert one last time during his final Coachella Weekend 2 set.

    Harry performing solo with a blue backdrop juxtaposed with him performing with Lizzo with a red backdrop

    While the setlist was mostly the same as his Weekend 1 performance, there were some changes to last night's set. In addition to bringing out Lizzo this time, the "As It Was" singer was a lot more interactive with the crowd last night.

    Harry wearing a large fur coat on stage

    While performing "Canyon Moon" and "Treat People with Kindness," the Friday headliner skipped down the catwalk that extended into the audience and grabbed a few things that audience members threw on stage for him. He then incorporated them into his act.

    Harry on the catwalk surrounded by fans, about to pick up an accessory thrown by one of them

    And y'all, the fan items he touted on stage either paired well as hell with his outfit or elevated his set! Here are the five things from the crowd that Harry showed off:

    1. This pink cowboy hat went so well with his Western-inspired outfit.

    Harry wearing a light pink cowboy hat and red leather chaps

    2. The red sunglasses Harry donned as he rocked out with his trumpet players was actually a catch from the audience!

    Harry wearing the same red chaps, but this time with red sunglasses and no cowboy hat

    The specs added an Elton John kind of vibe to his outfit for the short time he wore them. And what made it even cooler was that he effortlessly caught the pair!

    Harry catching the sunglasses while performing

    3. It was a glorious moment when he swooped a Pride flag from the sidelines and proudly waved it for the Coachella crowd.

    Harry waiving the Pride flag on stage

    It never gets old seeing this symbol of equality in public places. And here it is against the famous Coachella backdrop!

    Harry waiving the Pride flag on the catwalk, surrounded by fans

    4. Next, Harry swiped a pair of bunny ears from the crowd, and we're all super thankful for it.

    Harry Styles with bunny ears

    The bunny ears are likely a reference to his opening visuals of bunnies mating. I'm glad the fan brought the headgear, because Harry wearing bunny ears is truly a look.

    Harry wearing bunny ears in front of a backdrop that shows two bunnies mating

    5. And finally, the uplifting moment the pop star picked up a Black Lives Matter flag from the catwalk and held it high.

    Harry tossed the flag into the air, and it soared down back onto the catwalk at an appropriately perfect moment during "Treat People with Kindness."

    Harry watching the Black Lives Matter flag float through the air

    As Harry said, Coachella was a huge moment for him. So it was really sweet to see him bring mementos from his fans onto the main stage with him to celebrate.

    Harry wearing his original red outfit without any accessories on the catwalk

    What was your favorite moment of Harry Styles' Coachella performances? Let me know in the comments.

    And you can catch Harry's set and other Coachella performances through their official livestream!