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Tell Us The Recipes You Love To Whip Out When You're Trying To Impress A Date

I want to know the dishes that always score you another date. Please.

Dating can be tough, and eating out gets expensive. An easy remedy to this is to cook for your date — everybody loves a boo who can make you laugh and is kitchen confident. But if you're a novice cook like me, you're probably not getting texts back after serving another cute mutual friend bland chicken thighs with burnt broccoli.

So, I want to know from you home cooks out there — what's your favorite date night recipe to pull out that seems to always impress your dates? And I'd love to hear any anecdotes or stories about your special dish, too.

Perhaps your pasta aglio e olio is your go-to dish because it's light, tasty, easy, and makes you look like you're a master chef. The last time you made it, your date posted it to their Instagram stories, their friends asked them what restaurant they were at — y'all had a good time that night.

serving Pasta Aglio e Olio into a bowl

Or do you tap into your sexy chef persona and serve up a ribeye steak with a red wine and shallot reduction pan sauce and fresh greens on the side? The last time you served this drool-worthy dish was the night you asked your partner to marry you, and they said yes...after licking the plate clean.

red wine and shallot reduction sauce in a pan, and sliced ribeye steak on a plate

Maybe you're best known for your chocolate lava cake because you've mastered how to get the perfect gooey center. It's so good that you found your hookup eating the leftovers in your kitchen when you came out of the bathroom — you ended up letting him finish, but he made up for it.

chocolate lava cake cut open so the insides are oozing out

Help your single friends out and share your date night recipes that bring all the boys to your yard in the comments below (or through this anonymous Google form), and you could be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed Community post!

If you can, please include any stories that your date night dish brings to mind! And submit a picture with your response if possible. You can upload one by clicking the "picture" button in the comment field below.