16 Coachella Attendees Revealed Their Job, Yearly Salary, And Whether They Regretted Their $600 Admission Ticket

    I've long wondered who the hell is even attending Coachella and how they can even afford it. So, this year, I decided to ask around...

    Coachella Music and Arts Festival is one of the most popular and expensive music festival experiences in the world. It's notorious for attracting influencers who are only in it for the photos, and for depleting bank accounts (or maybe just mine). I went during weekend two this year since it's known to be less packed and attract a different, more low-key crowd. I've long wondered who the hell is even attending Coachella and how they can even afford it. So, this year, I decided to ask around.

    Illustrated Coachella guests posing in front of a large rainbow viewing tower with annotation saying "First, there was Sodom. Then, there was Gomorrah. And now...Welcome to Coachella."

    Here are 16 Coachella attendees who revealed their jobs, annual salary, and their uncensored thoughts about the music festival — plus, the anonymous portraits I drew of them in exchange for their honesty.

    Note: Some names have been changed to honor anonymity. 

    Leo, 30, lead server. Salary is $102,000 per year.
    Sienna, Student of neurobiology, Salary is $40,000 per year.
    David, 35, tech analyst and single dad. Salary is $100,000 per year before bonuses.
    Jordan, 35, designer, and Tia, 36, scientist; salaries are $100,000 and $200,000 per year, respectively
    Violet, 27, producer; salary is $110,000 per year.
    Victor, 30, retail manager; salary is $30,000 per year
    Yesenia, hairstylist, salary is $40,000 per year
    Edison, 25, sells glasses for a living. Salary is $40,000 per year
    Janay, stylist, and Cassie, therapist; salaries are $45,000 per year and $69,500 per year, respectively
    Gio, 28, aerospace industry; salary is $75,000
    Deandra, 25, nurse; Salary is $80,000 per year
    Casey, 42, works in pharmaceuticals; salary is $70,000 per year
    nathan, 25, group home worker; salary is $44,000 per year
    mindy, 27, animator; salary is $200,000 per year

    My final takeaway: The average salary of the people I talked to was around $84,000/year, with slightly less than half of them earning under $50,000/year — I suppose many people at Coachella aren't necessarily swimming in income. Over the festival weekend, people typically spend at least $1,000 in total. Since only one of the 16 attendees I talked to was underwhelmed by the festival, I'll go ahead and say it: Coachella is worth it. And while it is much hotter the second weekend, the crowd is definitely much more chill than the premier/influencer weekend — it's my preferred crowd. And look, we know Coachella is overhyped. But after investigating other people's points of view, there's good reason for the hype.

    Pernell, the author, illustrated in front of the famous Coachella ferris wheel with a speech bubble saying "So, what are your actual thoughts on Coachella? Was it worth the money you spent?"

    If you also went to Coachella, how much did you end up spending in total? For everyone else, what music festivals are you planning to attend, and how much are you anticipating to spend? And what do you do to afford it? Share your take in the comments.