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Former Classmates Of The "Class Clown," Let Us Know Where They're At Now

Did they end up on Saturday Night Live, or are they in jail?

Many people already feel like high school is just a blip in their lives, and knowing we can find each other on social media makes people less inclined to attend their reunions. However, there's something nice in knowing where your peers are at now, especially the ones that made you laugh and made those days a little lighter.

So, I want to know: What happened to the "class clown," or funny person of your school?

Maybe it's been years since you talked to the girl who would constantly get your entire AP Calculus roaring with laughter. And when you looked her up, you learned she's now a writer on Saturday Night Live!

reje jean-page and ego nwodim in "saturday night live"

Perhaps your best friend from college always had the party laughing, like that time he was going around the party pretending he was looking for his lost dog. So you looked him up, and you learned that he was actually on trial for participating in the January 6 insurrection. Yikes!

tyler james williams on "abbott elementary"

Or maybe you were the funny person of your class. Now, you work a pretty unfunny job at a car rental dealership. You're still making your coworkers laugh though, and you're proud of still being able to lighten the day of those around you.

Share what happened to the funny person you went to school with in the comments (or through this anonymous Google form), and your response could be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed Community post!