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These People Really Nailed Working From Home This Year, And I'm Jealous Of Their Setups

And now I want a reclining ergonomic office chair.

For many people, 2021 was another year of working from home...and finding any space to get some work done.

The remote work setups only got better in year two of the pandemic. So here are some of the best workstations from people who really nailed working from home this year:

1. This beautiful setup that actually isn't from a catalog.

2. This delightful home office and art studio makeover.

3. This gamer-friendly setup that has a zero gravity mode.

4. This architect-designed setup.

5. This setup that embraces daylight.

6. This clean and tranquil setup, mostly furnished by Ikea.

7. This minimalist setup.

8. This total DIY workspace and living room setup.

9. This beautifully Zen workstation.

10. This panoramic monitor is everything I've ever wanted.

11. This digital nomad who travels with her own standing desk.

12. This small and mighty (colorful) WFH setup.

13. This cozy setup.

14. This bold, moody, and perfect home office.

15. These plants make everything better.

16. This ultimate productivity desk setup.

17. This orange-and-purple workspace that reminds me of a club.

18. This digital nomad who moved to Colombia instead of paying rent in California.

19. This very cute and pleasing office setup for two.

20. And finally, this autumn-inspired escape.

What were your favorite setups? What did you like about them, and what would you change for yourself? Let me know in the comments.

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