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These People Really Nailed Working From Home This Year, And I'm Jealous Of Their Setups

And now I want a reclining ergonomic office chair.

For many people, 2021 was another year of working from home...and finding any space to get some work done.

Salesforce / Via

The remote work setups only got better in year two of the pandemic. So here are some of the best workstations from people who really nailed working from home this year:

1. This beautiful setup that actually isn't from a catalog.

Matthew Encina / Via

Function, flow, and familiarity were the main points of inspiration for this creator's new home office. He definitely hit the mark. Repeatedly.

The whole office has a sleek, clean vibe that stands up against any professional catalog, and it looks just as good at night as it does in the daytime. The dual roller shades are motorized, which makes controlling the natural light a breeze. The maple wood Sway desk from Ergonofis looks incredible against the light gray walls. And what's so impressive about the pegboard setup is that it's clearly as functional as it is aesthetically pleasing.

Check out his full setup here.

2. This delightful home office and art studio makeover.

Katie Mai / Via

The hanging paint board and the art supply pegboard. And you saw that colored pencil swatch sheet, right?! Wow. Just looking at this space makes me want to create, which is exactly what this artist wanted in her art studio makeover. The transformation is as super impressive as it is inspiring.

I also have so many art supplies that aren't as easily accessible with the way I store them (shoved into the back of my closet), so I love the notion of putting these tools in easy-to-reach and nice-to-look-at places. I also have a Cricut Maker that's too big to leave out on my desk, so I love the printer cart she has going on.

You can check out this super-cute setup here.

3. This gamer-friendly setup that has a zero gravity mode.

Mike Wat / Via

The option to recline my work chair and give my achy, breaky back a much-needed rest is something I never thought of and now desperately need. Besides that, are you seeing this mood lighting?! Those Nanoleaf light panels were in many of my favorite setups, so they're definitely on my Christmas wish list.

What really stood out is that this content creator prioritized having a movable workstation so that he could switch to a new setup when filming YouTube videos. The option to bring a sofa into the room and have a projector is a luxury we don't all have, but something I am admiring from my side of the screen.

Check out his incredible setup here.

4. This architect-designed setup.

Jon Imperial / Via

This home office is a mood, and I'd spend all day in here if possible. The dark walls with the slightest tint of forest green, paired with the solid walnut standing desk (and its beautiful grain) from Ergonofis, are so perfect together that I feel as if they need some privacy 👀.

The dark accent wall is the perfect backdrop, and I just know everyone who video-chats with this architect will also be as smitten as I am with that deconstructed iPhone 5. Don't hate, it's for the aesthetic. The "Keep Creating" LED sign is the perfect inspiration for any artist, and it looks great against the pegboard.

Check out the full setup and experience the vibe here.

5. This setup that embraces daylight.

Lizzie Peirce / Via

Natural light is such a blessing to have in a workspace, and this content creator and her partner fully embraced it for their office setup. The wide-plank wood floors look gorgeous in the daylight and help the custom-made black-and-gold cabinetry absolutely pop. Hanging the curtains higher than the actual window frame makes the room seem taller and helps open up the space.

The matte stone tile backsplash looks great next to the dark cabinetry. The gallery wall is such a treat to work against, and I love the white-on-white "Remember where you started" neon sign. Also, shoutout to the fake birds of paradise plant — there are other things to worry about.

You can see her full setup here!

6. This clean and tranquil setup, mostly furnished by Ikea.

Reynard Lowell / Via

So this man's voice feels like a sound bath, and his home office setup is just as tranquil. What really blew me away is that most of the pieces in the room are from Ikea! With some time and DIY, he really elevated the Swedish conglomerate's furniture.

In the walkthrough of his home office redesign, he revealed that the shelving system he initially wanted was $2,545. Oof. But he found a close-enough match in Ikea's modular Ivar line and ended up paying only $294. I also loved the gray mesh locker cabinet (Ikea), the swivel light fixture that was spray-painted matte black (also Ikea), and the gray bulletin board (am I in love with Ikea?).

See his whole setup here.

7. This minimalist setup.

Matt D'avella / Via

There's not a lot in this home office, and honestly, I love that. Everything looks as if it really belongs in the space and as if it was brought in with intention. Especially that framed picture of The Rock. Besides the super-clean wood desk paired with the matte black computer accessories, the camera gear hung up in the closet really sold the aesthetic for me.

This creator prioritizes simplicity and functionality, and it completely shows.

Check out Matt's full setup here.

8. This total DIY workspace and living room setup.

Matthew Encina / Via

Many of us have to work out of our living rooms because of limited space, and this couple took the restriction and went beyond "making it work." The beautiful wood floating desk and shelves are all the couple themselves. It took them over six weekends to create this space, and honestly, it came out stunning (especially since I wasn't a part of the manual labor). There are so many great touches in this space, like the gray banker's lamp, the vintage typewriter, and her own framed art pieces on the wall.

When she opened the organization drawer with all the pens and paints, I gasped. I love how clean everything looks, and I'm super impressed with how much the workspace flows into the living room.

You have to see this whole setup for yourself, and you can check it out here.

9. This beautifully Zen workstation.

10. This panoramic monitor is everything I've ever wanted.

Chau Codes / Via

The wraparound monitor in this setup is jaw-dropping. This creator is a coder, so he needs the screen real estate. I just want it. He really stepped up his work-from-home setup with the upgraded webcam, the professional mic, and that beautiful screen light bar, which is a superior alternative to a clunky task light.

I also loved the rainbow light-up mechanical keyboard with the aviator (cord) cable — I'm hearing more and more that the click and clack of a mechanical keyboard is ASMR-worthy, so I'm definitely considering snagging one myself in the new year.

Check out the entire setup here.

11. This digital nomad who travels with her own standing desk.

Evelyn Shares / Via

I never considered bringing my own standing desk with me when traveling, though this digital nomad has me rethinking my stance. She sets up and breaks down the standing desk she recommends in less than 20 minutes, and it fits in the back of her SUV once it's disassembled and flat. Plus, not all Airbnbs come with a proper work desk, which is annoying if you do all your work on the computer.

The monitor she uses is pretty portable, and she even has a small plastic tub full of cords as her tech tool kit, which has everything she needs to make sure her remote work setup runs smoothly, like extension cords and an ethernet cable if the Wi-Fi is too slow through the router.

She made working remotely work for her, and I love that. You can check out her full setup and tips here.

12. This small and mighty (colorful) WFH setup.

13. This cozy setup.

14. This bold, moody, and perfect home office.

15. These plants make everything better.

16. This ultimate productivity desk setup.

Andres Vidoza / Via

I've never seen this stacked monitor setup before, and I like it. There's something nice about a top-to-bottom workflow versus a left-to-right one, since there's less rotating of the neck. The speakers on the desk look incredible on that hardwood desk, and the monitor stand really helps to open up the table. I wonder how functional the light above the printer is, but it's definitely a vibe.

I'm also a sucker for good artwork — don't you want to stare at something nice if you don't have a view to look at? And the backlights behind the monitor make the stacked computer setup stand out just as much as they do the artwork against that classy dark gray paint.

Check out their full setup here.

17. This orange-and-purple workspace that reminds me of a club.

18. This digital nomad who moved to Colombia instead of paying rent in California.

Haley Takes on the World / Via

Watching this digital nomad's review of working remotely in Medellín, Colombia, seriously made me question why I just signed a 14-month lease in Los Angeles. Are you seeing this view out of the living room in her one-bedroom apartment? I didn't even know doors could open up all the way like that.

The freedom to explore another part of the world when I'm done with work for the day is even more enticing after watching her video of how she's able to make her digital nomad lifestyle happen. Does anyone want to take over my lease?

You can check out more of her experience here.

19. This very cute and pleasing office setup for two.

cloudyhills / Via

This setup really stood out to me because I've seen many couples' work-from-home setups, and when they're forced to be side by side, it can get a little much. So I like how they made their workspaces flow together while being right next to each other. The shelving in the back isn't only functional; with the sun hitting the natural wood, it's also a refreshing backdrop.

It's also great to see how they're working with the limited space. I like how she's cool with her man leaving the bike in there, since it's important to him. And it's so relatable that she just surrounded it with plants to ✨make it go away✨. Too relatable.

20. And finally, this autumn-inspired escape.

What were your favorite setups? What did you like about them, and what would you change for yourself? Let me know in the comments.

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