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Then And Now: 17 Heartthrobs You Grew Up Thinking You'd Marry

When Ryan Gosling was just knee high to a grasshopper, these were the boys we wanted to marry. Be thankful dreams don't always come true…

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1. Nick Cater from the Backstreet Boys

Nick Cater now…

2. Or his little brother Aaron, we weren't fussed…

Maaayyybbeeee not…

3. Skeet Ulrich

Probably still would.

4. Edward Furlong

All growed up

5. James Van Der Beek

… boy has he grown.

6. Adam Rickitt

…aaannnd now.

7. Ryan Philippe

… and now.

8. Jonathan Taylor Thomas

Hello little lion man!

9. Prince William…

… or Harry

One of them is still on the market

10. Jared Leto

Just got better with age

11. Justin Timberlake

Amazing what some good grooming can do

12. Matthew Lawrence

…and now.

13. Freddie Prinze Jr.


14. Rider Strong

Still has that baby face

15. Boyzone… yes, all of them…

…and now

16. Leonardo DiCaprio

Still a natural blonde

17. Hanson

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