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The 17 Best "Top Gun" Facts, As Told By Cats

Holy shit, it’s Maverick and Goose! In honour of Producer Jerry Bruckheimer's announcement that a Top Gun II starring Tom Cruise is 'still a possibility' here are some Top Gun facts.

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1. Val Kilmer's character Ice Man got his nickname because he 'flies ice cold'.

2. The love scene between Maverick and Charlie was added post production after the test audience complained that there was a lack of romance in the film.

3. As were the volleyball and locker room scenes which featured bare-chested Cruise and Kilmer.

4. In 2011, the Chinese government broadcast Top Gun footage, claiming it was the Chinese air force.

5. Tom Cruise and Kelly McGillis (Charlie) were never shot side by side because McGillis is quite a bit taller than Cruise. To hide this, she was forced to act barefoot while he was stuck in heels.

6. Topgun screenwriter Jack Epps Jr. said that "losing Goose was a tough choice." But it needed to happen to add an 'emotional' element to the movie.

7. Tom Cruise flew in a F-14 Tomcat three times to prepare for the role. He threw up the first time.

8. The only actor who didn't throw up during training was Anthony Edwards aka Goose.

9. Rumour has it that the tension between Cruise and Kilmer wasn't just for the cameras: the two never interacted off screen.

10. Ray-Ban sunglasses saw a massive spike in sales in 1986 thanks to the movie.

11. Tough-talking commander Stinger (James Tolkan) is better known for his role as Mr Strickland in the Back To The Future trilogy.

12. Top Gun was the biggest grossing movie of 1986 making $170 million in the U.S. alone.

13. … Despite an F-14 costing at least $18 million to buy.

14. In real life Charlie and Wolfman (actor Barry Tubb) got it together. "She fell down in the middle of the street, and she had my heart," he said.

15. The original idea for Top Gun came from a magazine article about fighter pilots. Bruckheimer says the goal was to make "Star Wars on earth."

16. The movie was dedicated to Art Scholl - an aerobatic pilot and aerial cameraman who was killed during production after his plane crashed into the Pacific Ocean.

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