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    • peris3

      I’m sick and tired of your biased posts against Israel and favoring the Palestinians. You don’t even present accurate facts and the people commenting have been so brain washed by the biased media. Actually, there is proof that the death toll is much lower because Hamas forced reporters in Gaza to only report what they wanted. They threatened reporters if they did not lie and propagate their information to the media. Israel has also tried numerous times to have peace with the Palestinians but they won’t allow it! Hamas is the one that has refused to sit down with Israel multiple times. Do you know why the rest of the middle east doesn’t support Hamas and the Palestinians and open up their borders to them? Because they’re dangerous. Hamas is a terrorist organization that they are petrified of. And the cease fire only lasted two hours because Hamas broke it. That is fact and if you think otherwise then clearly you have been persuaded by the media. Israel has tried to share Israel and change the borders but Hamas will not agree to it. The real terrorists here are Hamas and Israel is only doing what it has to to protect its civilians while Hamas is only doing everything it can to destroy Israel. Israel is not targeting civilians but because rockets and tunnels are hidden in schools and homes, Israel has no choice but to get rid of those threats. In fact, before they even do that, the warn the civilians ahead of time so that they can leave and not get hurt. What’s Israel supposed to do? Leave the bombs and the tunnels and wait to be attacked? No. Anyone would do what they had to to protect their people. And if Israel’s real goal was to destroy the Palestinians, why haven’t they done that yet? They easily have the power to wipe them out but they don’t because they don’t want to hurt civilians. Their man goal is to get rid of the bombs and tunnels.

    • peris3

      Are you serious? I’m sorry but this article is so biased and the author completely twisted what the soldier was saying. This article neglects to include that Hamas started the attacks on innocent Israeli citizens. Hamas STARTED shooting rockets into Israel BEFORE Israel began retaliating. Yes, Hamas might be hiding underground but are they hiding along with the innocent civilians? No. Because Hamas doesn’t care about protecting their civilians while Israel has invested millions of dollars into underground hideouts for Israelis to be protected while under attack. Israel wants peace and is willing to share the land but only if the terrorist attacks stop. Not to mention Hamas is not willing to share the land. I love Buzzfeed but I have a COMPLETELY different view on it now that I’ve read such a biased article that headlined your website. Maybe try telling both sides of the story instead of twisting around what your witness said. Israel is only doing what it has to do to protect its civilians and is not targeting innocent Palestinian civilians. Maybe rethink your approach to spewing out biased media before releasing it to your viewers who you now might be losing.

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