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12 Things That Are So Perfect It Hurts

What a wonderful world we live in. And speaking of extreme perfection, this post is brought to you by frozen fruit sensation: Perfect Fruit. Looks like ice-cream, made from fruit!

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1. This perfect, perfect cat slide:


2. This paradise cliff jump:


Perfectly timed.

3. This goat winning his court case:

4. This epic cat prank:

Cat got trolled, hard.

5. This amazing double-rainbow lightning situation: / Via

How can this be real?

6. This zebra mum protecting her baby from a cheetah: / Via

Get it girl.

7. This incredible car window wiper:


Someone actually did this.

8. This egg, telling you about life in the pan:

It's hot, and lonely.

9. This puffer fish, loving its back scratch:

Feels so good.

10. These adult elephants helping a baby elephant that fell: / Via

Here come the *tears*.

11. This sassy penguin slap:

It's too good to be true.

12. And the dance to end all dances:

Just. Too. Much.

Perfect Fruit is dairy- and fat-free, and made from 100% Aussie fruit! We whipped it so good you won't even believe it's real... but it is.

This frozen fruit sensation is hitting the road this summer, so find out how you can get it in your mouth over here.