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14 Animals Who Know How To Treat Themselves

These animals know where it's at. Treat yourself with new frozen fruit sensation, Perfect Fruit. It looks like ice-cream, but it's made from fruit!

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1. This pup will treat itself to some of your watermelon:

"Sure, don't mind if I do."

2. This baby tortoise will treat its whole face to a berry if it wants to: / Via

Don't try to stop it. It's happening.

3. This sloth knows what life's about: / Via

Life is about treating yo self.

4. This cat won't be sharing with the other cats:

The other cats have no idea.

5. These prairie dogs are all about sharing, though:

They know that treating yo self is better when shared.

6. This dog knows you don't have to get up to treat yo self: / Via

You don't even have to lift your head.

7. And everything's a treat when you are this dog:


Even cabbage.

8. This raccoon doesn't care whose treat it is, it wants the treat: / Via

And it will have it.

9. This otter treats itself like a civilised human being: / Via

Nobody does table manners like otter does.

10. This rabbit doesn't get why you're watching it treat itself but OK:


If you must.

11. This cat likes a banana treat: / Via

Come on, who doesn't.

12. This dog literally cannot get treats off of its mind: / Via

It's a binge-treater, but that's OK, we're not here to judge.

13. This cat can't wait to treat itself soon:


As soon as someone cuts this damn thing open.

14. And this cat has been treating itself all morning: / Via

Because this is the life.

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