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Why Perez Hilton is Right About Miley Cyrus [Slightly NSFW]

Perez Hilton has been in hot water lately over some alleged upskirt photos of 17 year old Miley Cyrus. Here's why Perez should win this fight.

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  • It wasn't his fault if she wasn't wearing underwear. If you're 17 and a celebrity, wear underwear. It's common sense. Actually, no matter who you are, you should wear underwear. It's common sense.

  • She actually WAS wearing underwear that day

  • She was wearing underwear in the second picture, it's not his fault that the photo was unflattering.

  • If she wants to act like a grown up and wear more revealing costumes, it is well within Perez's right to free speech to criticize her choices.

  • By singing a song called "Can't Be Tamed" she has challenged Perez to at least try. Everyone knows you can't just announce these things without proof.

  • He says nice things about her too. Sometimes.

  • Sure, she's 17, growing up and wants to shed her tween pop star image, but her fans are still young and look up to her. It's Perez's job as the queen of all media to show the public what kind of bad reputation their kids are idolizing.

  • Her ear tattoo IS really dumb.

  • We all know where Britney Spears ended up and Miley seems to be heading the same way. Perez is just presenting the facts so that we, the public, can stop Miley before she shaves her head and loses custody of her kids.

  • Did anyone else notice the similarities between these two album covers?

  • It's not like Perez wants Miley to flash her crotch to the paparazzi. He actually prefers it when she's dressed sensibly!