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    12 Reasons Visiting Perdido Key Changes Your Life

    Sugar white beaches, emerald green waters, untouched lands, unrivaled history and the Blue Angels. You'll never want to leave.

    12. Perdido Key is home to the whitest and softest sand in the world

    11. We're home to the world renowned U.S. Navy Blue Angels

    10. Our beautiful Gulf Coast is perfect for enjoying spectacular sunrises...

    9. ...and sunsets.

    8. It's easy to get lost in the Key and witness nature in action

    7. There are endless opportunities to try something fun and new!

    6. A 10 minute drive down the road will take you to one of the oldest lighthouses on the Gulf Coast

    5. When you need to stretch your legs, explore the largest National Seashore in the world

    4. Stop by America's "Last Great Roadhouse," the Flora-Bama and throw a mullet over the state line of Florida and Alabama

    3. Visit the world’s largest Naval Aviation museum

    2. Just a short boat ride off the coast, dive "The Great Carrier Reef,” the largest artificial reef on Earth

    1. After soaking up some sun on the Key, you can always enjoy the nightlife and gaze endlessly into the night sky