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12 Action Heroes Who Could Save You From Anything

Some characters don't need special powers to bring the pain. They're pretty unbelievable, just like William Levy dressing up as six different characters to give you a Pepsi NEXT for free.

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2. Ellen Ripley

20th Century Fox / Via

She’ll take out any alien that tries to wreak havoc on your spaceship. And even if the alien queen is erupting from her chest, she’ll just sacrifice herself by diving into a furnace (only to be resurrected later).

9. Agent J

Columbia Pictures / Via

With the Noisy Cricket, or some other weaponry, he was more than able to take down several alien invasions (and maybe more but we just remember this flash of light happening and not much else).

10. Chief Inspector Lee

New Line Cinema / Via

If you were trapped inside a burning vehicle that was speeding across a crumbling bridge, Lee would be able to pull you out with a single cartwheel. Seriously, the laws of physics/gravity don’t really apply to this human.

12. The Bride

Miramax Films / Via

No one does revenge better. After being put in a coma for years, she methodically assassinates the assassins who put her there. And yes, the title is one giant spoiler because she does actually Kill Bill.

Inspired by William Levy kicking butt for Pepsi Next:

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