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13 Unbelievable Stories Of Animals Saving The Day

And this is why animals are the best. Check out these truly amazing stories of animals risking their lives, using their super smarts or just being heroic snuggle buddies. They're just as unbelievable as Pepsi NEXT—Drink It To Believe It™.

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1. A Golden Retriever saved his owner by giving her the Heimlich.

Xioliannys Pineda / Via Twitter: @XioliPineda

That's right—as in he pushed his owner to the floor and used his big paws to jump on her chest. How this dog knew to give the Heimlich? Perhaps we'll never know.

2. Three lions saved* a girl from kidnappers.

Cameron Spencer / Via

WHAT?!? This seems like a real-life Disney movie, no? When a little girl was abducted by four men, three altruistic lions came to her rescue.

*There is debate over whether the lions were preparing to eat her or thinking she was a cub.

3. A German Shepherd saved the family shop from fire by alerting the police.

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When Buddy's owner told him they needed help because his store caught fire, he bounded to the rescue. Watch him lead a State Trooper to the scene in this incredible video.

5. A dog saved two other dogs in a canoe.

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To be honest, we're not sure that the dogs in danger were even aware of the situation, but no matter – their K9 buddy braved rushing waters to save his tail-wagging friends.

6. A potbelly pig saved her owner from a heart attack.

Kaleigh Stokes / Via

Believe it or not, pigs are more than just bacon—they're heroes. LuLu proved herself when she laid in the middle of the street to alert someone of her owner's distress.

7. A group of female elephants saved a baby elephant from drowning.

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A scared baby elephant was struggling to get out of the watering hole when a group of mama elephants came to the baby's aid. Before you start crying, this story ends well.

8. A cat saved her family from noxious gas.

@viola2005 / Via Twitter: @viola2005

A silent killer to humans is no match for this kitty cat. Winnie meowed and batted at her sleeping owners when she smelled dangerous gas leaking into the house. They woke up just in time to call 911. Way to go Winnie!!

9. Dolphins saved a man from a shark attack.

David McNew/Stringer / Via

This is basically everyone's worst nightmare and dream come true at the same time. Essentially, a pod of dolphins intervened in a shark attack, forming a circle around a wounded surfer, guiding him safely back to shore. Amazing.

10. A dog saved another dog from getting run over.

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This is literally too much. So much heroism and bravery and companionship. Good luck not crying during this.

11. A rabbit saved a man from a diabetic coma.

Jamie Li / Via

A little rabbit jumped onto his owner's chest as he was nearing a diabetic coma. The unexpected life-saving hop caught the attention of the man's wife, who took over from there.

12. A Chihuahua mix saved two older ladies from drowning.

David McNew / Via

Lilttle Chi Chi did his civic duty when he saw two older women struggling in an ocean tide. He went uncharacteristically bananas to draw people's attention to the dire situation.

13. A female lion saved a man from a male lion.

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It's not so wise to stand around a male lion. But if you have to, do what this guy did and make sure a much more levelheaded lady lion is nearby to save you.