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10 Unbelievable Things You Probably Missed This Year

You may not have seen all of the year's most impressive milestones and visuals. Fortunately, we've compiled 10 events that show us just how far we've come, and what could be the next unbelievable thing to happen in our world.

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Vasily Fedosenko / Reuters

A participant demonstrates his skills using a water jet pack during a recreational sporting competition at an entertainment centre near the village of Pleshchenitsy, 70 km (44 miles) northeast of Minsk, August 4, 2012, and you spent this whole caption wondering how water jet packs exist and why you don't have one.


Stringer / Reuters

The sun and moon aligned over the earth in a rare astronomical event in May - an annular eclipse that dimmed the skies over parts of Asia and North America, briefly turning the sun into a blazing ring of fire, which is AWESOME, RIGHT??


Brian Buckland / AP

In this image provided by Brian Buckland, 138 skydivers form a massive snowflake formation Friday, Aug. 3, 2012 over Ottawa, Ill. It took them three days and fifteen tries to get it right.


SDO / Getty Images

On June 5th, NASA captured this shot of Venus traveling across the sun. The last transit was in 2004 and the next pair of events will not happen again until the years 2117 and 2125.


Alberto Saiz / AP

Hundreds of people lined the streets and threw tomatoes at each other and played in tomato pulp in the annual La Tomatina festival in Buñol, proving that fun still grows on trees, even after the iPad.



Earlier this year, scientists finally discovered the Higgs Boson, also known as "The God particle." The Higgs boson fills a critical hole in the Standard Model of Physics, and could potentially explain why all matter has mass. No one cared.


Anja Niedringhaus / AP

Manteo Mitchell of the United States ran his leg of the 4x400 meters in 45.6 seconds, which is impressive, until you find out that he broke his left fibula during the run and kept going anyway, because he didn't want to let his teammates down. That's unbelievable. 200 meters on a broken fibula. Thanks to his efforts, the team qualified for the next round.


Julio Cortez, File / AP

The "Supermoon" happened in early May. It's an astronomical event where a new (or full) Moon coincides with the point in the Moon's elliptical orbit where it is closest to Earth, creating the illusion of a larger-than-normal size, and it's definitely not filled with super villains.