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10 Things That Only Make Sense To An Australian During Summer

Australians are the greatest because, even though our summers are nuts, we find a way to make the most out of them. Max Your Summer with Pepsi Max.

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1. Using this as a Christmas Tree:

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2. How a field of these can make a grown man without thongs on go on the longest detour ever:

Harry Rose (CC BY 2.0) / Via

3. That we will still eat this on Christmas Day even though it's 40 degrees out:

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4. How bringing a bag of this to a party or BBQ makes you an instant hero:

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5. That it's OK to spend five hours looking for the right car park with shade only to spend an hour at the beach.

New Line Cinema / Austin Powers / Via

6. And then, once there, thinking this isn't busy at all:

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7. The pure joy that your favourite act is heading down here for a festival:

8. And then being broke because you go see them – as summer's the only time they'll ever come to Australia:

NBC / Parks And Rec / Via

9. Dealing with the short trips to the beach or shops while camping away at a music festival or camping in general:

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10. And finding sand everywhere – even though you made sure you didn't drag it anywhere with you:

The Mummy / Universal / Via

Don't let anything get in your way of enjoying summer to the max – Max Your Summer With Pepsi Max.