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11 Signs You’re Ready For Your Next Adventure

Getting itchy feet to travel? Pepsi Max made this list for you just in case you're not so sure.

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1. You're totally over work right now.

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"Do I really need to put up with this?"

2. When you check out your social feeds, everyone's overseas pics make you sigh.

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3. You're collecting random pictures of Italy.


Or any other destination that's on your to-do list.

4. You keep looking up flight deals...


5. ...and accommodations.


6. You're always starting group chats with friends about where you should all spend a holiday together.

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7. You save every cent possible to use for travel money later.

8. You also keep checking the exchange rates for everywhere you want to visit.

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9. You keep checking weather reports...for cities overseas.


10. Your eye starts twitching as you try to hold in the jealously while listening to someone talk about their vacation.


11. You have a suitcase ready to go at a moment's notice, always.

You're packing already aren't you? Good! Because life's for living to the max!