The Ultimate Guide To Owning The Outdoor Concert Experience

So you think you’re a professional concertgoer. But that’s all just indoor talk! When it comes to outdoor concerts, there’s a way to do it right. Pepsi wants to help you own your #realbigsummer moments all season long!

1. So you’re getting ready for your first outdoor concert…

2. Indoor concerts became too “old hat” for you.

3. Why feel enclosed when the world is your oyster, right?

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4. So first things first: Check the prohibited items list. Bet you didn’t know you couldn’t bring your stuffed animals to certain outdoor concerts…

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EricaJoy / CC BY-SA http://2.0 / Flickr: ericajoy

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…along with markers, professional cameras, and blankets.

5. Use a fanny pack for the things you can bring. You won’t regret it. #notjudgingyou #noshame

6. Don’t let dehydration get in the way of hearing all the sets. Find a water bottle you can attach to the aforementioned fanny pack. H2YOLO!

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7. Put sunscreen on BEFORE getting dressed.

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8. Avoid ATM fees by bringing your own cash. No, but really, like don’t forget CASH.

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9. You never know what the weather will bring. Trade in those stylish sandals for your comfy sneakers or rain boots.

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10. Make sure you know where all of the bathrooms are before picking your spot.

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11. With the great outdoors comes great responsibility. Make sure to bring baby wipes or hand sanitizer for all of those dirty moments.

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12. Take pictures of certain meeting spots so you and your besties always know where to find one another.


13. Standing near the back = better acoustics. Counterintuitive, no?

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15. If “excuse me” isn’t helping you move through the crowds, well, crowdsurfing might just be your best bet.

Martin Barraud / Getty Images

16. Although we can’t always pick our friends based on utility, it does help to have at least one responsible friend in the group to remember where y’all parked the car.

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17. Don’t forget to dance, because THAT’S the best part of being able to listen to music outside!

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